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Angela MArtin-Skabrin

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Still life, one of my passions, has a subtle presence of nature where the objects create a narrative beyond their individual portrayal that reflects the visual world around us; and then it is about portrayal - what qualities make glass look like glass or metal like metal; how do we represent this convincingly with paint?


I paint with oil using traditional techniques influenced by the Old Masters (17-19c).

My work is recognised by the prestigious International Guild of Realism to which I was accepted as a member and I also had a Recognition Award at the Under the Rainbow Event at BlueWater for my Lemon’s family. 


Lemons pose their own challenge - how to catch their specific texture and to also carry their message –sunshine, light, warmth in the colder months.

I love music and Opera as well as mythology and I have another series of dedicated paintings amongst which Calliope and also the "Tres Reginas" inspired by Donizetti Operas of the three Queens: Mary, Elizabeth, and Ann Boylen.

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