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Anthony E. Young

Anthony Young Photo.png

Tony Young has been painting since his teens when he was taught by Denis Barnham in the “Art Room” at Epsom College. The same room in which John Piper and Graham Sutherland had started.  Tony first exhibited in 1959 at the age of 16 but became a doctor instead of an artist, though he did continue to draw and paint.


Retiring in 2007 from his life as a Consultant Surgeon, he began painting again regularly under the guidance and encouragement of David Webb in the Atelier at the Blackheath Conservatoire.


Tony Young’s preference is for working in acrylics on canvas; his subjects are domestic and outdoor scenes in Blackheath, Greenwich or in France.  He has exhibited at the Atelier and SMAG and has had two one-man exhibitions in France. He is also a writer and his second novel was published in 2020.


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