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Lucy Cooper

Cooper Photo.jpg

Lucy Cooper is a London-based artist and printmaker whose current work explores the theme of reflection. Reflections in water or buildings feature in many of her prints, while reflection in the broader sense of contemplation and consideration also runs through her art. 


Lucy produces both screen print and digital art. Using photography as a starting point, she explores unusual and often unexpected combinations of colour and pattern to create semi-abstract artwork, inviting the viewer to consider the subject from a different perspective.


Lucy’s prints invariably feature everyday sights of her local Docklands neighbourhood. With a lifelong fascination with water and its constantly changing colours, textures and moods, she is particularly interested in the way light plays on the surface of water and the distortions made by its reflections. Recent work exploring reflections, colours and patterns in contemporary London architecture expands this to the built environment.

She also designs and produces fine art greetings cards.

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