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Jane Ware

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I am a London-based graphic artist and love the idea of my pictures holding a story within the image. This may be still life or abstracts. For abstract drawings I begin by focussing on whatever is around me - a view, some words in a book, a journey, an object.  Memories support my interpretation and often an emotional connection is made because something in the present resonates with a recent or even a deeply buried memory.


My abstract pictures capture my thoughts, feelings or responses and are created in two stages.  First, a line drawing within seconds registers an emotional code on the page. Adding colour and harmonising the shapes reflects my emotions and this stage requires meticulous application, thought, logic and time.


I have recently given up full-time work to look after my mother who has dementia and we live in a busy household with my husband and two grown up children.  Working as an artist has given an additional purpose to the day.  Looking closely at all sorts of objects, I notice tiny and fascinating details in nature, people, shapes and colours and these discoveries are given a voice through the world of art and the language of line and colour.


For me, drawing is joy-giving and energising. It involves the cultivation of good memories and celebrating the creation of new memories.  It is something I am just meant to do, I have discovered a different me.  I want to share my pictures with the world and inspire people to reconnect with the beauty of simple and complex things around us.

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