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Carry Hornby

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I am a Chinese brush artist and teacher living in London. I was born in Taiwan where I developed my love for brushwork.

I enjoy working with ink. My brushwork of the 'Four Noble Gentlemen' is currently featured in Ms Carry's Chinese Story Podcast & albums. Chinese Calligraphy Art promotes the practice of mindfulness for people well-being.

I run a regular workshops and give talks at Forest Hill Library covering the Story of Chinese Words.  I also bring my calligraphy sessions to countless other venues, including schools, galleries, local libraries, community centres and church halls in South East London.

Although I am best known for working with ink in my Chinese calligraphy and brush art, I have explored other mediums including pastels, chalk, charcoal, and acrylic.

Now I paint regularly at the Blackheath Art Studio. I find inspiration from nature, personal encounters, adventures, and the life experiences surrounding me. I use colours and brushes to interpret memories.

In the future, I would like to promote creative art to improve children and adults wellbeing.

I am an active artist of SMAG, SLWA (South London Women Artist) Group Carry Hornby @ SLWA and an active Member of LEAN (Lewisham Education Arts Network).

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