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Below are answers to frequently asked questions that you may find helpful to answer any questions that you have. However, if your question is not addressed below, please feel free to contact us at

1: How can I submit my own artwork for display and what are the terms?

We welcome new artists to exhibit at our online gallery. All artists will need to complete an application form and letter of authority allowing the sale of their work at the specificied price (decided upon by the submitting artist), with net commission proceeds being paid to SMAG ART Limited. Artists will authorise SMAG ART Limited to exhibit the works submitted on this site and to sell the same, as agent, and to retain a commission of 30% of the sale proceeds, excluding shipping costs, which will be paid by the purchaser. Artists will also be responsible to pay a non-refundable administrative charge of £5 per work of art  submitted. SMAG ART Limited is not registered for VAT at present. If it does register in the future, then VAT would be added to all prices. SMAG is run by volunteers with the funds raised by SMAG going to the benefit of local charities.

2: Is the image on the site an accurate representation of the artwork?

3: How do I place an order?

The image is an accurate depiction of the artwork but we can usually send you additional images on request, providing the artist is willing to provide these.

Placing an order should be a relatively straightforward process.  If you see something you like, please click on "Add to Cart".  From there, once you have finished shopping, you can go to your cart and follow the prompts for information and payment.

4: What are your accepted methods methods of payment? 

Through our payments partner, Wix Payments, SMAG is able to accept payment via all major credit cards including Visa, Mastercard American Express and Discover. 

5: Who are the artists that exhibit on the site? 

The artists represented on SMAG Art Limited's website are generally all amateurs with the exception of a few who would be considered semi-professional or professional. Most of our artists have exhibited with SMAG since our first exhibition in February 2017 but others have joined along the way.  We continue to be impressed by the increasing levels of quality and creativity that we receive amongst the artists submitting work at our exhibits. SMAG Online, our seventh exhibition, will be our first online exhibition in lieu of what was a planned, yet cancelled, physical exhibition that was due to take place in May 2020.  We look forward to supporting our artist group in an online format and in turn, ideally raising additional funding for local charities.  

6: Can I view a painting before purchase?

At this time, real viewing is problematic but we may be able to make arrangements with individual artists for a viewing with social distance if both potential purchaser and artist are reasonably close geographically, perhaps by a socially distance managed visit. Alternatively we could get more images of the work from the artist. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss this further.

7: Can I discuss a painting with SMAG or the artist directly?

We are happy to put potential purchasers in touch with the artist if the artist is happy to talk by phone or email. Please contact us at if you would like to discuss this further.

8: How does Shipping/Delivery work and will I be charged?

For UK and local Greenwich/Blackheath area deliveries, SMAG charges a flat fee of £10.00 for delivery, which will be assessed at the time of checkout. For International orders, we have estimated a charge of £50.00. All deliveries will be shipped via recorded or tracked delivery with a reputable courier such as DHL, UPS, Hermes, FedEx or the Royal Mail. In the case of a local area buyer and local selling artist, artwork may be hand-delivered by a SMAG Director/volunteer directly to you.

Note that the artist has retained possession of the artwork that you see on display and will ultimately be responsible for shipping albeit we as SMAG will be offering any assistance required to the artist to ensure a successful delivery is made to our buyers.

As has been the case with past physical exhibitions, the majority of our artists and buyers tend to live locally in the Greenwich/Blackheath area of London. It therefore may be possible for you to arrange collection of your piece directly from the artist, subject to their approval and arrangement.  

9: Refunds/Cancellations: Can I cancel my order or get a refund?

Of course. Before the work has been shipped, you can cancel your order by email by sending a message to Once it's been shipped, the cancellation period begins 14 days after delivery. If the work has been shipped, we will only refund you once the work has been returned to the artist in its original condition. You will be responsible for packaging the work and arranging return delivery. We sincerely hope you will be pleased with your purchase but if you are not, we are here to help and make sure you are satisfied with your experience of SMAG Art. 

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