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Lawrence Smye-Rumsby

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My interest in art is germinated with a seed being planted in my annual school report, aged 12. My art teacher said ‘I possessed a growing talent for art’ & placed me second in class, based on my year’s work.


Following some fallow years, due to work & family commitments, I picked up art again about 35 years ago, committing images to paper, using soft pastels, of my 3 children. I used a range of developing techniques, such as cross-hatching and blending.

As I gained promotion in my primary school teaching career, again art took a back seat.  On retirement from headship in 2015, the school kindly gave me a gift of 10 lessons with a local artist, up north, who I had known for years and with whom we had worked on three giant school murals depicting history & village life with a range of school children.

These lessons led to me staying with art lessons until I moved to London, recently, to spend more time with my grandchildren.

In the last two years I have begun to work with watercolours and mainly with portraiture. I find people fascinating and how light & angles create character in faces.

It is an honour to exhibit with other SMAG artists in an established setting.

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