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Monica Chrysostomou

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Monica is a contemporary, multi-disciplinary London artist with a background in art direction/design, photography & painting. She gained her Graphic Design Degree at Central/St Martins School of Art.

Photography has become an important part of her daily art practice, bringing together her various artistic disciplines to create a unique vision. Inspired by nature, most days you will find her exploring new vistas and finding inspiration from the heath, Greenwich Park and the Thames shore. She shares her ‘findings’ on IG - her brief - ‘Framing the everyday in a perfect square’. 


Her most recent ‘photo-graphic montages’ are a result of further experimenting with her digital photographs to create a rich, atmospheric imagery that is both compelling and ambiguous – is it a painting or photograph?

Passionate about art, Monica also runs her own Zoom painting & drawing classes to support adults in their own creative art journeys. She teaches the core skills of painting & drawing, encouraging students to explore and re-imagine new and exciting visual outcomes.

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