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Lucia Colella

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I draw intuitively and I don't question myself, or prepare further than cutting a piece of paper & opening up my box of pastels.

I find an image I am attracted to & I find a song to go with it...I will put on my headphones & the tune on repeat then let serendipity take hold with gesture & intuition.


As I work on the image, the music breaks down Inhibitions...

At the point it all comes together I realise the logic has a lot to do with my own thoughts, memories feelings and internal dialogue.

The mind is clever but censors & filters the heart's expression.

So the music I listen to as I draw is a tool to let the heart lead and have it's say and to stop the minds control... this method keeps the mind distracted and quiet, and the drawing raw and immediate.

I find my trust in what the heart has to say is rewarded with accurate logic in... the form, feeling of line, colour, tone, energy, mood, movement, composition & the  visceral or emotional content.

None of which I had analysed beforehand but makes perfect sense afterwards.

My drawings are large because I have a background working on theatre design.  I have created scenic backdrops & props for The Jermyn Street Theatre for Carmen (a production on Carmen Miranda)... The Gate Theatre  (Candide, Leonce  & Lena)... and I once had to work on approximately 20ft long paintings for a window display for Dickins & Jones on Regent Street.

I have also painted costumes for London productions of Cats, Riverdance, and  Beauty & The Beast.


I have BA joint hons in Fine Art & History of Art and Design (Leicester).


I also did a foundation course in Art at North Oxfordshire College & School of Art.

But academic journey in art began at Chelsea School of Art... Btec in Visual Art & History of Art & Design.


But previous to this as a child I  would copy images of superheroes from comic books I bought from jumble sales...So I would say I have always been an artist.

Best wishes,


Stay safe. 

Lucia Colella 

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