Photospheres are novel circular photo montages developed by the late Edward Hill which contain everything above, below, and around you at a given point – creating a truly unique 360-degree perspective in a single image.  These images have been exhibited worldwide, won awards, featured on the BBC, and in local and national media.

His widow, Irena Hill, kindly donated all of these wonderful Photosphere prints to SMAG Art to sell and put the proceeds towards our local charities. As a result of this kindness, SMAG Art is able to sell each piece at a price of £30-£35, which is significantly below their previous retail prices.

Photosphere Common Info Section

The following attributes apply to all of the photosphere images on display.

1) All are printed on thick, high-quality, acid-free paper.

2) The paper size (not image) is 75cm x 75cm unless otherwise stated (Cambridge series are 58x58 cm each)

3) All are unframed and weigh up to 0.2 kg.

4) Discounts possible on purchases of multiple photosphere images. Please email

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