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Likun Zhang

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I am a Chinese amateur artist. Started learning Chinese traditional watercolour & ink painting about 25 years ago when I joined a local adult art course in my hometown in northeast China. But art has always been an important part of my life since childhood under the influence of my parents who loved doing Chinese traditional ink painting as well as under my older brother who had been a very reputable artist and poet for his Tiny Sculptural Calligraphy in the art world both nationally and internationally.

I take a particular interest in bird -and-flower painting and especially painting the national flower of China - the peonies as my joy.

I do not normally have as much time as I wish to practice art work when life can get so busy with my other roles as a wife and a mother. But every time I have a chance to do painting, my heart melts into the tranquil yet colourful world of imagination and creativity as I bring them onto paper of how I see beautiful nature.

Nature is always a source inspiration of my art work. I love spending time on a walk in nature exploring and appreciating the beauty that is in the creation. I love spending time with family traveling around when there is a chance. I also enjoy having Christian fellowship every week as I go to church on Sunday and midweek bible studies as a Christian.

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