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Gerri keniger

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Art has been my passion for as long as I've been able to use a pencil. It was my favourite subject at school and was my go-to pastime whenever I needed to relax. The fact that I was born into an artistic family and lived a slightly hippy childhood in a fairy-tale house only added to my creative intuition.

I started out selling work as a self-taught artist, then combined this path with my second love - theatre -  and trained as a set designer. This equipped me with the skills to work in film, TV and UK theatrical shows for over 20 years.

Becoming a mum and bringing up a family brought about a change in direction and a return to a more fine/graphic art portfolio which I continue to expand on currently, peppered occasionally with the making of crazy birthday cakes for my family!

I see myself now as a compulsive maker with an insatiable curiosity, endless imagination and an eye for the details of life. I also possess a sense of humour that gets me into trouble and an utterly hopeless romantic streak so as you can guess, life is never boring. My art is a reflection of all the things that inspire me, sometimes theatrical, sometimes natural and sometimes a dose of what I feel we all need to keep our spirits up. I'm also a great believer in art as therapy both by actively taking part or just by experiencing it visually and, (being a lifelong sufferer of anxiety), the mental health benefits it can bring.

I'm really happy to be a part of the SMAG charitable exhibition, especially to bring some uplifting creativity to people while we are going through such tough times.

Please enjoy my work and take from it whatever you wish, be it colour, sentiment, imagination or anything else you experience. If you want to find out more or enquire about a commission, please contact

Stay safe, positive and happy x

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