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edward hill (deceased)

Hill Profile Picture.jpg

Photospheres are novel circular photo montages developed by the late Edward Hill which contain everything above, below and around you at a given point – creating a truly 360-degree perspective in a single image. These images have been exhibited worldwide, won awards, and have featured on the BBC and in local and national media, including The Telegraph.

Edward and his wife, Irena, worked in Greenwich for many years in Edward’s glassblowing studio on Creek Road. Passionate about nature, in the early 1990s Edward changed direction and concentrated on landscape art and later developed his incredible photospheres.


In 2012 the former glass workshop was transformed into Made in Greenwich, a gallery where local creatives could exhibit their work, or read their poems, or just have a chat (or a challenging debate). It became a true hub not just for artists, but for local people in general. Edward was also very active in local environmental issues.

His widow, Irena Hill, kindly donated all of these wonderful Photosphere prints to SMAG Art to sell and put the proceeds towards our local charities

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