Who is SMAG Art Limited?  


In February 2017, a small group of local artists had the idea to use the beautiful space of St. Michael and All Angels Church, 1 Pond Road, Blackheath, SE3 9JL as an art gallery. SMAG Art Ltd runs two exhibitions a year (typically in May/June and November) with the aim of raising funds for local charities as well as showcasing local talent. 

SMAG Art raises money through earning a commission on every sale of artwork as well as from Artist Entry Fees. Occasionally we receive donations as well. We contribute  almost all of what we raise, barring basic expenses incurred to run the non-profit business, to local charities in the Greenwich/Blackheath area of London.

Due to COVID-19, SMAG ART developed an online presence in 2020 following the cancellation of our planned May 2020 physical exhibition.  We intend to maintain this online presence, complementary to our physical exhibitions, for the foreseeable future.

SMAG Art Limited is a not-for-profit company run entirely by volunteers

Next Physical Art Exhibition (complementary to online)

Following the success of our November 2021 Physical Art Exhibition, which attracted over 650 visitors and led to the sale of 55 pieces of adult artwork and 18 pieces of local student artwork collectively valued at over £8,400, we are hosting our next physical art exhibition from 23 June - 2 July 2022 at St. Michael's and All Angels Church, 1 Pond Road, Blackheath, London SE3 9JL..

Exhibition Dates (Public Viewing Times)

Thursday, 23 June (Opening Evening)         6:30pm - 9:00pm

Friday, 24 June                                                 5:00pm - 8:30pm

Saturday, 25 June                                             11:00am - 6:30pm

Sunday, 26 June                                                2:30pm - 5:00pm

Monday, 27 June                                               2:30pm - 6:30pm

Tuesday, 28 June                                               2:30pm - 6:30pm

Wednesday, 29 June                                         2:30pm - 6:30pm

Thursday, 30 June                                             2:30pm - 6:30pm

Friday, 1 July                                                      5:00pm - 8:30pm

Saturday, 2 July (Last Viewing Day)              10:30am - 5:30pm  

Artists wishing to exhibit online and/or physically should contact smagse3@gmail.com. Alternatively, for online submissions, please see our terms and conditions and entry form at the following link: https://form.jotform.com/201307683015346

Exhibitions/Charitable Giving History

In 2019, the 5th and 6th exhibitions were held and displayed between 173 and 210 diverse art works, respectively, by over 80 local, professional, semi-professional, and amateur artists.  Both exhibitions were well received, attracting over 450 and 700 visitors, respectively, and selling 93 works in total. SMAG 6, for the first time, also had representation from art students who were invited to participate. 

Due to Covid restrictions in 2020, we moved online and held our first online only exhibition, SMAG 7, in May 2020. Incredibly, 166 pieces were showcased by 50 artists and 23 pieces were sold.

We resumed physical exhibitions in June 2021 with SMAG 8, attracting over 300 visitors and selling 36 pieces of artwork valued at over £6,200. 

Our most recent and most successful physical exhibition to date, SMAG 9, was held in November 2021 and attracted over 650 visitors. We had 74 adult artist displaying over 260 individual pieces of artwork. For the first time since SMAG 6, we were also able to invite local students to participate again, whereby we had 25 student artist exhibiting 46 pieces of artwork.

In all, we recognised sales of 73 pieces of artwork (55 adult, 18 students) for a total value of artwork sold of over £8,400.

Since inception in 2017, SMAG Art have run ten exhibitions representing gross art sales over £36,650 and raising circa £17,600 for charitable causes.  Charities benefitting from our giving include St. Michael's Church, Greenwich Winter Night Shelter, AFRIL (refugee charity), Greenwich Food Bank, Lewisham Food Bank and Age Exchange (Blackheath). 

It has given us great pleasure during these tougher times to support local Greenwich/Blackheath charities whom we felt had the greatest needs during these times. We thank and are very grateful for all of the support we have received from our artist community, SMAG supporters and volunteers.  

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